Maestro’s Musings


In a celebration of English Sacred Music, the difficulty is not what to include, but what to leave out. There are of course some greats who have to be included – Rubbra, Tallis, Blow, Vaughan Williams, Purcell, and Byrd for example. But, what of those composers who have less prominence but have equal right to be included - Alcock, Lloyd, Chambers and Wood. Finally, do they all have to have lived a century or so ago?


Well, the answer is no! Three of our composers are very much alive –Lloyd, Lole, and of course Lloyd-Mostyn.


Performing a work for the first time brings with it many challenges which first performers throughout the age have had to deal with – is it going to be hard or easy? Will the audience like it or not? These are just two of the questions we ask ourselves, but neither actually matter – the excitement of performing a work for the first time is something that not many singers get the chance to do and for ACS it is an honour to have the opportunity to experience this and to be conducted by the composer.


But, what about those piano pieces by Liszt and Debussy?  Well, they are not English composers, but the works’ subject matter is highly sacred which is why this music complements the setting of the sacred texts from the choir.


There will be something for everyone in this concert - there are no cymbals and loud crashes, but there is the opportunity to reflect and to listen to quality English music sung well.